Regions: North Pacific: Beaches

Some of Costa Rica’s sunniest and most popular beaches are spread out through the North Pacific region. You can get to them by land or air, and some of them include: Bahia Salinas (Salinas Bay) and the Gulf of Papagayo; Naranjo; Panama; Hermosa; El Coco; Ocotal; Pan de Azucar (Sugar Bread); Potrero; Flamingo; Brasilito; Cochal; Grande; Tamarindo; and Langosta beaches.

A bit of everything

There is so much to see and do, that you’ll want to extend your stay in order to get to all of it. If you’re into diving, you might want to stop in at Bahia Culebra (Snake Bay). North from El Coco, it has several beaches and spots waiting to be explored.

The beach towns are part of the area’s charm. In Nosara and Samara, you’ll find a wide offer of hotels, aside from many beautiful beaches. Several isolated spots along the shore are perfect for quaint picnics by the water. Other beaches, like Corozalito and Coyote, have great options.

Open spaces

The colorful and friendly town of Tamarindo has attracted tourists’ attention for a long time. This beautiful beach is bordered to the North by Playa Grande (Big beach) and the Tamarindo estuary. To the South, it’s bordered by Playa Langosta (Lobster Beach) and the San Francisco estuary. Being in the middle of two estuaries make it the perfect home for migrant birds, monkeys, and all kinds of other exotic wildlife.

As in many other beach towns throughout the North Pacific region, the population of Tamarindo originates from all over the globe. This help to have numerous restaurants catering to every desire and budget, as well as a variety of shops and galleries that sell local pottery and artifacts.

People come here for ecotours horseback riding, swimming, scuba diving, sailing, sportsfishing, kayaking and surfing.

Temperatures in all of these beaches can get pretty hot, especially from November to April, known as the dry season, Days are warm, dry and very sunny, with low humidity levels.

The big beaches

Between the months of July and December, Ostional beach is home to a spectacular sight. This is the season when hundreds of turtles come to lay their eggs. Specialized guides instruct visitors in the proper way to observe this unique natural phenomenon.

Another place, well-known for its turtle visits, is Playa Grande (Big Beach). Part of Las Baulas National Marine Park, this beach hosts the giant leatherback turtles (baulas), for which the park is named after. This creature is known as the largest of the turtle world. Measuring up to 8 feet and weighing at around 1.500 pounds, it comes to shore between October and February to lay their eggs. Unlike other turtles, the leatherback doesn’t have a hard shell. Instead, it’s protected by a thick, black leathery skin.

This particular turtle species isn’t strongly loyal to any specific nesting site. The solitary females walk on the beach at night to dig the hug nests where they lay about 100 eggs, and then cover them whit sand. After this operation, they wade back to the sea.

Among the finest

One of the finest resort areas in Costa Rica can be found in Bahia Potrero. Surrounding this bay are the three communities of Flamingo beach. Potrero beach and Sugar beach. Anyone can find lodging suiting for every budget.

Flamingo beach is a fine white sand beach, with one of the most spectacular scenic ocean views. This 500 acre area contains several luxury homes, owned by an international community composed of citizens from countries like the United States, Canada, Monaco, Italy, France and Belgium.

Sailing, sportsfishing, diving and various tours are readily available. All this adds to the beauty of the destination.

In Potrero beach the sand is light gray, and extends over 2.5 miles on the Eastern side of the bay. This area in particular is known for its calm waters, great for safe swimming, ocean views and breathtaking sunsets.

There are plenty of places for visitors to choose from for their stay. Bed and breakfasts, small cabins and condos owned by a blend of Costa Ricans, Canadians, Europeans and United States citizens, are available. Restaurants range from modest, typical Costa Rican food, to international cuisine and fresh seafood.

This unforgettable experience is just 60 minutes from Liberia’s airport. Closer still, 45 minutes away, you’ll find the secluded, yet accessible Conchal beach.

What a beauty!

Hermosa has some of the country’s best diving. It lies in the center of a string made up of four major beaches, all within 30 minutes of each other by car. Several hotels and cabins are available in all four: Hermosa, El Coco. Ocotal and Panama.

The center of activity is El Coco, 10 minutes South of Hermosa. You’ll find a bank, post office, all kinds of shops, and a selection of hotels, bars and restaurants.

This small, fishing village has an international community and a folkloric atmosphere. Lazy days in the sun, an exciting canopy tour, the depths of the ocean while scuba diving, or an active nightlife, can all be done in Playas del Coco (Coconut Beaches).

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